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History cont'd

In 2012 the COC started the compilation of all the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation, (EBVS). EBVS is the official European body that registers all the European Specialist Colleges. During their Annual General Meeting in April 2014 EBVS unanimously gave ECVECC provisional permission to develop its European College. The College started with 10 "Invited Specialists" and hled its Inaugural AGM in Prague in June 2014 as part of the EVECCS Congress. The College is currently actively accepting applications from veterinarians working in ECC in Europe to become members (Diplomates), and is in the process of recognizing training facilities and approving training programmes for Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care residencies.

Invited  Specialists

Andrew  Brown,  Cristina  Fragio,  Marcel  Aumann,  Nadja  Sigrist,  Isabelle  Goy-Thollot, Daniel Chan, Sophie Adamantos, Amanda Boag, Joris Robben

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