The European College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care has updated the procedures for application to obtain Diplomate status.  If you have questions about any of the possible routes to becoming a Diplomate of ECVECC then please email secretary@ecvecc.org     

1. Standard and alternate residency tracks 


  • The standard and alternate residency tracks are training programmes in facilities in Europe that ECVECC develops to prepare for Diplomate status.​

Resident Training

2. Current ACVECC Diplomates working in Europe 

  • available to ACVECC Diplomates that are working in Europe

  • two (2) publications in international peer-reviewed journals are required

Application Instructions for ACVECC Diplomates

(January 2020 - please be aware that the fee mentioned in this form is out of date - the correct figure is now €200 - an updated form will be available shortly)

Reference template

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